Recently, District Ministers, three from the Philippines (two from Luzon and one from Mindanao), and two from USA sent me a disturbing information. I will not mention which part of the US they are currently assigned so as not to compromise them for there are but a very few ecclesiastical district in America. I thank God that until now, they still care for me and for the defenders despite the fact that they’ve been placed in high positions in the Church. I also thank God for they are able to hide from their superiors their being silent defenders. It’s also from them that I learned that the number of the District Ministers and ministers who are silent defenders is increasing rapidly because they could no longer stomach what they are instructed to do especially the harassment of brethren who are being investigated and the “threats” they employ on ministers who fail to make their suspects admit their “guilt.” They say, the only thing that prevents them from exposing themselves is their fear of harassment like what they did to me and to other ministers who were unjustly expelled and are continuously hunted, persecuted and oppressed.

They informed me that a Webex participated by all the District ministers was held where they received instruction that all those who are and had been close to me, ministers who were “positioned” when I was still the head of the Foreign Mission Office, those who made me their wedding sponsor, my close friends and acquaintances, must all be harshly questioned (interrogated), and expelled if need be. They should also be asked, whose side they’re on, the Administration’s or Jun Samson’s? While I was finalizing this write up, a minister teaching at CEM gave me a call and told me that the reason I and those whom they suspect are helping me, are continuously harassed, is in order to force me into a most difficult situation, that will lead to my “surrender.”


What the continues oppression of the expelled mean:

  1. That, they no longer believe in the doctrine that expulsion is the gravest punishment that could ever be meted out to a member of the Church. That, they believe that to hunt, intimidate, bring their targets to the judicial court for various fabricated cases and have them imprisoned, are more grievous punishments. That, they no longer consider expulsion as a disciplinary and corrective action, but a potent tool to intimidate, and control the members of the Church, to make them slaves to all their whims.
  1. That, they no longer believe that it is a biblical doctrine to love the brethren, even the enemies.
  1. That, the family relationship is no longer important to them which is why they coerce the loved ones of the expelled members to neither extend them any help, nor communicate with them.
  1. That, by bullying those whose eyes were opened to the truth, they can suppress their feelings or stop them from rebelling.

Note: Is there no one among them capable of understanding that no amount of intimidation and oppression can suppress rebellious feelings, instead, it only creates more defiant members? What their doing is like trying to contain a raging flow of water in a dam to avoid flooding and devastation only to burst at the end, thus, cause a much larger destruction.

  1. MOST OF ALL, IT MEANS THAT, their administration of the Church is a disaster or a great failure, and that they themselves have lost confidence in their own leadership. They are aware that there are now more and more brethren especially from the ranks of ministers and Church workers, who may still be following their instructions but not because of love and faith, but because of fear. If the members still have faith and trust in them, they would not result to invading the privacy of their homes as if they own the place, or call them to their office, only to be interrogated, intimidated, and forced to write a dictated statement and to make empty promises, and exclaim, “I AM ONE WITH XXX.” As those who had experienced intimidation say, “We had to tell them lies even in our written statements, anyway, they can easily be fooled. They themselves are worse liars than their father, the devil.” Come to think of it, what they say is true. Do these executioners and henchmen (soul slayers) truly believe that by simply making their victims write a “salaysay,” they have succeeded in completely capturing their hearts and loyalty? Don’t they realize that their actions only show that they no longer have the guidance of the Holy Spirit, because if they still do, members would wholeheartedly follow them? There would be no need to threaten and intimidate them because they have been trained by the Church Administration since the time of Brother Felix Y. Manalo, the last messenger of God, to be obedient and submissive.

A further proof that God’s spirit is no longer with them could be seen in the so-called advisers of the Executive Minister who “tirelessly” tour the whole world to hunt the defenders. An example of these is Regalado delos Reyes, one of those branded as Executioners and Persecutors of those suspected of speaking against the Administration, and has been made a District Minister in Southern California. Rey delos Reyes was formerly very vocal against the anomalies in the Church. You can ask the local leadership of Central especially Ed Pelayo, and the ministers who became close to him. But due to power tripping, he surrendered the sacred principle that should govern the life of a true minister of God, thus, he became a persecutor. He is now called the “720 degrees” minister because when he turned around, it was not just 360 degrees but double. Now, he continues his oppressive work here in America by using resident ministers and fanatic members to harass us so that he can boast of his “accomplishments” and bring joy to those who are in the Central Office. What he does not understand is that they are leading them to his ruin. Let’s see where his unlawful acts will take him. It is so sad that there are many ministers now who like Judas Iscariot, are willing to betray others and sell their souls to gain wealth and power.

I do understand what many ministers say that they have to close their eyes to the anomalies in the Church because of their love, care and loyalty to the Administration. But is it truly love, care and loyalty to the Administration? What I learned from ministerial lessons is different. That to prove my loyalty and love for the Administration, I’m duty bound to inform him of the evils committed in the Church regardless of the one(s) involved so that the Executive Minister can take the necessary action, thus, saving the Church and the Administration from destruction. This is precisely what I’ve done several times only to fail and be accused of going against the Administration. This is the reason they persecuted and harassed me in the Philippines which they have now resumed in this country.

When will they realize that the solution to the problems besetting the Church is not the unrelenting persecution and expulsion they employ against the suspected defenders, which only create more defiant members? When will they notice that almost all the members they had expelled and continue to oppress are active officers and brethren who have spent so many years in the Church which is why they could not withstand the anomalies they see and do not want the Church to be destroyed. When will they realize that the whole Church awaits for the BIG change?

When will they see the tears not only of the oppressed and the expelled but of all the brethren whose hearts are bleeding because the Church is now being destroyed which has never happened during the administration of Brother Felix Y. Manalo and Brother Eraño G. Manalo? When will they learn to swallow their pride and accept the truth that what is happening to the Church is the result of their own wickedness and that unless they mend their ways, the Church will continue to suffer. When will they stop putting the blame on those who question the corruptions instead of on those who are corrupt? When will they learn to sacrifice their own interest for the welfare of the Church? When will they ever learn? or Will they ever learn?


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