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Note: I truly wanted to hold my peace despite the many accusations hurled against me because of my fear that answering back will only add fuel to the fire. But many have been telling me that my silence could be construed as an admission of guilt, and worse, could lead many defenders to lose heart. Thus, the intention of this writing of mine is neither to appease nor change the mindset of the revilers but to protect the innocent and the truth seekers.


Our escape from “detention” or “house arrest” brought joy to not a few defenders. Quite a few succeeded in communicating with us, trying to convince us to immediately leave the country, and even offered help for us to secure new passports, plane tickets, a place to stay in our destination, and in applying for asylum. I politely declined and told them that I believe, God has a reason when He made us go through such an ordeal.


When I filed the illegal detention case against the sanggoons, they became obviously too scared which resulted to DOJ and EDSA rallies. My lawyers took advantage of their great fear and sent them a letter that if they do not return our passports, an additional criminal case will be filed against them for we have a proof, a paper duly signed by their man whom they ordered to get them. This action compelled their lawyers to write back and make a promise to return the passports which they did, but when they gave them back to Atty. Trixie it was already sometime in the month of December, 2015. During that period of time my actions in helping our cause were very much limited because a great deal of my time was being spent hiding and moving from one safe house to another due to the search and destroy mission launched against me.


For the period of six months, the evil ministers and their followers had unceasingly maligned and character assassinated me. But what was unbearable was the destruction they brought upon the Church and the unbelievable harassment they systematically employ against the family of Ka Erdy, and yet, there was little that I could do. I then told the “RIGHT PERSONS” and several defenders that there is a need for us to get out of the country so that I can do more for our cause. While waiting for the right time and opportunity to leave and the assurance that there would be no legal problem if we leave, several ministers who are silent defenders informed me that the search and threat against me has been intensified and that we should leave the country as soon as possible. Thus, we immediately scheduled our flight, and to mislead the enemies, our flight was booked outside the Philippines. Indeed, the information we received was accurate for immediately after our smooth departure from NAIA through the help of some “contacts,” we were told that a “lookout” saw us in the airport but it was too late, for our plane was already on the runway. Upon reaching our destination, we were informed that various cases were filed against me in the different parts of the Philippines.


I truly thought that the defenders would be happy when we had escaped for the second time. But to my great surprise, on my first week in America and my first time to officiate a group meeting in this country, a minister-defender suddenly announced that his group is separating from us. He said, “I just want to mind my own business.” As if it wasn’t enough, a large group led by its leader and his younger brother started to malign me (they and their readers know who they are). They ask, how were we able to get out of the Philippines when our passports were confiscated by the sanggoons? They further ask, how were we able to get a US Visa when it is so hard to get it? What they do not know is the fact that the sanggoons had gotten hold of our new passports but not the old passports where our Visas are stamped. They also ask why I have no hold departure order and warrant of arrest when there was still a libel case against me? If only they asked before making their accusations, any lawyer could have told them that a libel case is not sufficient for any person to have a hold departure order, and the reason I had no warrant of arrest is the fact that I have appeared in every hearing of my case unlike the sanggoons who did not show up. They also claim that the dismissal of my libel case meant that the Central Office had helped me. They failed to realize that my only libel case and the five libel cases of ka Joy Yuzon and ka Roel Rosal were dismissed at the same time by the same Prosecutor. Following their line of thinking, does it mean then that ka Joy and ka Roel were also helped by the Central office? Will they also accuse them of being “moles”? They further ask, why did I not file for reconsideration when my illegal detention case was dismissed? They are unaware that I told Atty. Trixie and a few Media personalities that although I want the sanggoons punished for having messed up the Church, the dismissal of my case is God’s way of saying that He has reserved a much sorer punishment for them. I’ve done my part, I now leave the rest to God. I just wish that they too who claim to be “defenders of God’s truth,” will respect His decision.


They accuse me of having given up our cause and abandoned our struggle despite their knowledge that I can accomplish more here in the USA because the evil ministers and their followers could no longer harass us as much as they used to do in the Philippines. That, I am now living like a king and that even when I was still in the Philippines, I’d been getting a lot of money from RTC. The sad part of it is that they have members in their group and most of all leaders who wouldn’t stop them from spreading this Big Lie despite their knowledge of the truth, instead, they opted to remain silent. To think, they call themselves the “Silent No More” group. They accuse me of being a “mole” sent by the Central Office to sow division among the defenders when in fact they knew who from the very start refused to cooperate and be organized and already had their own groups.


They even have the temerity to accuse me of appointing myself as “leader” of the movement when their group leaders know fully well that I even asked the ones who “take care of us” not to appoint me as leader because I’ve felt even then that there were others who would prefer to lead, thus, would not cooperate. I was right, having their own agendas caused the work given to us by God to become stagnant. This is the reason I had to write a letter to inform the defenders that there is a need to resume the work even without the three groups that had earlier separated themselves. However, they distorted even my true intention contained in the said letter by ridiculously accusing me of “expelling” the three ministers,  and that I was the one who separated from the rest. This is the reason I published the said letter for you to see that they are lying through their teeth. They claim that they heard during one of the EGMs that I was telling the defenders to get back to the Church despite its present troublous and abnormal state. This too, is a blatant lie! I’m sure that those who truly listen to me during EGMs could testify that what I and my fellow ministers always say is that, “we will all go back to the Church once it is restored to its pristine condition, holy and orderly.”


Surprisingly, now that ka Lowell Menorca has “escaped,” accusations against me has once again intensified and the same issues are repeatedly thrown at me especially the question on how in the world we were able to get out of the Philippines. This they do while they are rejoicing and offering their thanks for ka Lowell’s escape. I refuse to entertain the idea that their action is being dictated by their leader(s), but what truly bothers me is that their leader(s) fail to stop them from maligning me and from deceiving the innocent and unsuspecting defenders.


The latest of their accusations against me is that I have something to do with the recording of Ka Bong Ponce’s narration on how he, ka Lowell and the rest started the movement. Have they forgotten that it was their own platform that they used in the said discussion and that they were the ones who screened, “investigated” and approved all the participants comprised mostly of the members of their groups? The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if there comes a time when they will exonerate the evil ministers and put the blame on me for the ruin brought upon the Church. Don’t be surprised either if they accuse me of having made the 11.5 billion peso loans and made so many properties of the Church as collaterals.


Now that I have said my piece, I will try my best to forever hold my peace. I pray that God will enlighten those whose minds are darkened and whose hearts are full of hatred and may the truth finally come out.







Isaias T. Samson, Jr.

March 11, 2016

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