incdefenders.org__05724This website is created for Iglesia ni Cristo members.  However, we are aware that non-members or even those who are adversarial to our faith will be able see the contents of this website. We did it on purpose, for the reason that we will explain a little bit later. For the same reason that we do not put any filtration or screening as to who would be viewing this.

The purpose of this website is to sort out our internal problems in the Iglesia ni Cristo. Just like any family, God’s household (I Tim 3:15) which is the true church,  is also vulnerable with problems  and trials. Apostle Paul testified that in the congregations that he pastored there were false ministers and deceitful workers (II Cor. 11:13 NLT).

He was not ashamed to tell it to the whole world that “Hey! We have problem here in our church.” That same problem we are struggling with at present- unfortunately WE discovered nowadays we have Ministers who turned to be FALSE



One thing, however, we assure you that this problem is not doctrinal.  The doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo are true and “bulletproof,” and we can defend them at any given moment at any given place.  We are very confident in the inerrancy of the teachings that we uphold in the Iglesia ni Cristo.


Hence, those who are adversarial to the Iglesia ni Cristo should not pull out the information we put in here to discredit the Iglesia ni Cristo.  That would be a “cheap shot,” if they would. It is like saying that the Church that Apostle Paul ministered is not the true church, just because there were false ministers and deceitful workers, as attested by him. The truth is, it all the more proves that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true church. It is true and will always be true because there are ministers and members who are vigilant enough to guard and courageously defend the sanctity of its teachings.


People visit this website with myriad of reasons and intentions. If you are not yet a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, we also welcome you.


Come and take a peek in the heart of  the Iglesia ni Cristo.  We do not claim to be  “holier than thou,”  as others  are accusing us to be . We lay bare ourselves  in public  “warts and all.” No pretense.  No window dressing. No sugar coating. What you see is what you get.  It is what it is.

Times have changed folks.  We  are no longer in the caveat emptor world.  In the old world, there is no divulgement of incriminating information.  That is called ‘information asymmetry.’ In sales, information about goods or service may be hidden from the buyer, and only known to the seller. That is an old rule. That is caveat emptor.


That being said, we welcome everyone to see the heart and  soul of the Iglesia ni Cristo. We know, that this makes us more vulnerable. However, this will make us more honest and true.  No facade painting.  No window dressing. It is what it is.  Warts and all. We repeat, the teachings in the Iglesia ni Cristo are true and impeccable. You will not find any holes in it. It is solid. To the adversaries of our faith, we will face you in due time. There is no way you could defeat the truth we uphold. To the keen observers and truth seekers, this is the true church and our teachings are true. We are not perfect as we are not in the perfect world.  But we strive to perfection.  We are getting there. Without a doubt. That’s why we are cleaning our own backyard. This is all for you to see.


We are incdefenders. Defenders of the truth.


Welcome to the true Church of Christ – Iglesia Ni Cristo.

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