incdefenders.org_06703The expulsions being conducted left and right by the Sanggunian (Council) not only of the brethren and officers but even of the ministers, have sown fear to many. That is why despite learning of the stomach-churning truth regarding the corruption being committed by some ministers who are in power, some choose to remain silent and wait for change and for God to “act”. They are waiting for the “miracle” and hope that one day they will wake up and all of the corruption will end, that the corrupt ministers will no longer be in the seat of power, and those ministers will have received their due punishment from God and the church will be at peace. On top of that, some ministers and evangelical workers are afraid to expose the corruption of the (Sanggunian) Council members, because they thought that it is equivalent to opposing the Administration and sinning against God.

It is true that we should wait for God to act. However, we should all also understand that all these things that are taking place is the act of God to awaken us. Let us remember that in order for God to help us, we must help ourselves first; that the ones whom God will help are those who are obeying His commandments. But how can we hope for God’s help or His “miracle” if we are acting blind in the face of the corruption and anomalies in the Church? Can a minister hope to succeed if he is not doing anything or does not want to do what is good? There are truly many miracles that God granted upon His nation.

An example of this is the miracle of Israel crossing the sea as if they were walking on a dry land. It was also a miracle from God that David was able to overcome Goliath, but he was required to battle him first and prove that he was not afraid of his gigantic foe. We can mention many more but these are sufficient for us to understand how God waits for us to act, to not fear, and to do what is right or good for Him to show His miracle. Let us hold on to what is written, which is why God was well pleased with His Messenger who exalted and made honorable His laws (Isa. 42:21 NKJV).

​The Bible teaches that “to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17). The “good” being referred to are the words or the commandments of God (Rom. 7:12). Is it the commandment of God to remain silent in the face of corruption and works of darkness? Do we take part in these works for fear of what they might do to us? Or do we please them in exchange for material gain or “promotion” or to allow us to remain in our duty? The Bible explicitly answers: “and try to learn [in your experience] what is pleasing to the Lord [let your lives be constant proofs of what is most acceptable to Him]” (Eph. 5:10 AMP).

We all know very well, especially the ministers in the Church, that the one we should please is not man but God.

What is pleasing to God? The Lord says, “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them” (Eph. 5:11 NLT). Therefore, it is the duty of everyone, especially ministers and evangelical workers of the Church, not to take part with those doing evil, such as corruption and anomalies, instead, we must expose their evil works.

This was the doctrine upheld and carefully followed by Brother Felix Y. Manalo and Brother Eraño G. Manalo. That is why they did not consent that brethren, especially the ministers, would do evil. Do you remember what Ka Erdy said in the assembly of ministers? That even if there would be no one left to officiate the worship services, that he would eliminate all the ministers who refuse to change but continue to commit evil and corruption. He said those words because of his love for God and the Church and that he is responsible in bringing the Church to holiness and perfection for her salvation. That is how the true ministers of God stand their ground. I am not saying that the present Church Administration is not teaching this, but this was disregarded nor followed by the Council (Sanggunian) because of their materialism and insatiable desire for power.

What good would it bring about when the evil works are exposed? In verses 13-14, we can read: “And when all things are brought out to the light, then their true nature is clearly revealed; for anything that is clearly revealed becomes light.” Is it not true that when the corruption of the Council (Sanggunian) was exposed, their true nature also emerged? Not only are they able to bring corruption into the Church, they are also able to abduct people, terrorize entire families, put them on house arrest, pursue those they want to expel utilizing the police and military, even their “goons” and many others. According to the verse also, revealing the evil works then becomes light or it will bring light to all. We only wish that the first ones who would see the light are the ministers and workers in the Church so that they may be the instruments in explaining the truth to the brethren.

It is sad that the ministers who exposed the evil deeds are the ones who were accused of evil, reviled by those who do not understand, expelled and sued, and incessantly slandered and even threatened with their very lives, including the lives of their loved ones. What is even more sad and troubling is the continued silence of the ministers and workers, of which some have already matured in their duty. The ministers vowed to God that they would defend the Church against all evil even to the point of sacrificing their life. If adultery or marriage to unbelievers is bad and is grounds for expulsion of brethren, is it not a greater evil in what is being committed by those corrupt ministers who have defiled the Church by means of all forms of corruption and anomalies? Verse 12 says: “For it is a shame even to speak of or mention the things that [such people] practice in secret.”

The truth of the matter is, what they are doing is no longer a secret, instead, they are openly doing these now. It is also true that it is not them but us who are ashamed of the abuse they are doing to the Church; their irreverence of the regulations of the Church finances and secretariat, causing hardship and oppression of the Church.

The ministers did not really want to go to the media because, as it was previously stated, “It is a shame even to speak of or mention the things that such people are doing,” but because they know no one is listening to what they are saying, instead, what they are told is “it is not true” and “where is the evidence?” Subsequently, they are the ones accused of going against the Administration, they are removed from office and are expelled. All their loved ones are spoken to and are then required to write an affidavit that they do not agree with their actions.

What they should do is form a group of “neutral” ministers who would never allow evil to prevail, that they should be the ones to conduct the investigation. What is happening is that they themselves are the ones who are “investigating” themselves. So what results can we expect? Cover up of their wrong-doing. They are also the ones who have forced the ministers into such dire straits and pushed them to approach the media. Do you think that the ministers punished by the Council (Sanggunian) wanted to be removed from office, to be expelled, to be hated by those who have no knowledge of what’s going on, to be hurt and tortured, pursued by armed men, sued and endangered their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones?

From your point of view, is it a good feeling not being able to officiate nor attend the worship services? What is even more painful, these things are happening despite the fact that they are the ones who are upholding the teachings even though they knew that there would be a great possibility that their fellow ministers would turn their backs on them in the desperate moments; the fellow ministers would be impeded, because of fear, while they are the ones who are always mentioning that they see corruption.

In verse 17, it says, “Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understanding and firmly grasping what the will of the Lord is.” The call of God to all those who do not care or those who do care but are not doing anything, is: “Awake, O sleeper” (Eph. 5:14b). Do not be afraid of the anger of man but the wrath of God to those who are neglecting His nation. When shall we all awake and take action? The Church will only be restored to a righteous and peaceful condition when those who are asleep have awakened.

Minister of the Gospel

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