incdefenders.org28 Propelled by his profound love and concern for the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ,) our beloved former leader brother Eraño G. Manalo at the peak of his glorious leadership had initiated a very crucial decision—to choose the would-be deputy Executive Minister who in turn will become his successor The momentous occasion was held on May 6, 1994 in a special meeting at the Convention Hall of Templo Central. The members of the then General Council  had convened and unanimously voted for brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the eldest among the children of brother Erdy, and the then District Minister of Metro Manila North. The  overwhelming  trust and confidence of the members of the Council in the capability and dedication of  brother Eduardo to his Church duties back then, made possible for the sole nomination resulting to a unanimous votes for him.



inc-1914Although Ka Erdy wasn’t there during the election because the occasion coincided with the scheduled ordination of new ministers, he personally sworn in Ka Eduardo to office as his deputy and successor during a special worship service held at Templo Central. Just as how Ka Erdy complied with what God’s Messenger, brother Felix Y. Manalo had expected of him, he also expected no less from Ka Eduardo for the good of the Church. Ka Eduardo made a solemn vow that he would dedicate his life to help Ka Erdy in leading the Church. Moreover, to show his respect for Ka Erdy, his father, he expressed his aspiration coupled with a fervent prayer to God that Ka Erdy would stay alive to lead the Church until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such gesture was a demonstration of Ka Eduardo’s humility and complete submission to the authority of Ka Erdy.



To further legitimize the  succession, immediately after the election in 1994,  Ka Erdy commissioned Attorney Restituto Lazaro of the Legal Department of the Church to renew the registration of the INC at the Securities and Exchange Commission and had the name of Ka Eduardo V. Manalo stipulated therein as the deputy Executive Minister and the would-be successor.  Compared with his predecessor, Ka Eduardo had undergone longer period of leadership training.  Ka Erdy was elected successor in 1953 and was trained under the mentorship of Ka Felix for ten years, until he became the Executive Minister in 1963 upon the demise of Ka Felix. On the other hand, Ka Eduardo took his oath as  Deputy Executive Minister and the would-be successor in 1994 and was trained for about fifteen years under the guidance of Ka Erdy, until he assumed the post as Executive Minister in 2009. Considering the length of time that Ka Eduardo has been taught and trained by his father, he should have excelled in every aspect of his administration of the Church.



SEC-IglesiaNiCristo-ammendments-2008Unfortunately, Ka Erdy had noticed flaws in Ka Eduardo’s ways in administering the Church. He immediately admonished and corrected him for his own good, and most of all for the welfare of the Church, unfortunately, the flaws lingered on. Thus, in 2007, Ka Erdy asked the General Council of the Church to make amendments on the 1994 SEC registration. One notable change is stipulated in section 4 of the Amended By-Laws saying: That in the case of vacancy in the office of the Executive Minister or Presiding Elder, The Church Council shall convene and determine by election who shall be the successor. However, the incumbent Executive or Presiding Elder may convene the Church Council for the purpose of electing or choosing who shall be his successor. The vacancy in the office of the Deputy Executive minister shall be filled by a recommendation from the majority of the Church Council, and such recommendation shall be approved by the Executive Minister / Presiding Elder.



To prove that Ka Erdy truly wanted to hold election in choosing his would-be successor upon his demise, he again initiated another amendment in the succeeding year, the result was the Amended Articles of Incorporation in 2008, wherein the same provision was reiterated. What do you think was the intention of Ka Erdy in prompting the 2007 and 2008  amendments in the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation? Take note that not only Ka Erdy and the legal counsel of the Church  had substantiated  these crucial legal documents but also all the members  of the General Council back then. Hence, another election should have transpired upon the demise of Ka Erdy. Unfortunately, this did not take place because Ka Eduardo had at once  assumed the post as successor of Ka Erdy and continued on leading the Church until today.




incdefenders.org-43 Being aware of the legitimacy of the amended documents in 2007 and 2008, Ka Eduardo and Attorney Lazaro made a move to reverse the validity of the provisions stipulated in the said documents. Thus, immediately after Ka Erdy’s death, they filed the 2009 SEC registration to repeal the provision that requires an election so that they could use the 1994 SEC registration to show that an election had already been held, and Ka Eduardo was already elected for the post. In other words, they made the 1994 SEC registration proactive. The General Council of the Church was not even consulted when this change had been initiated. The clear proof is the 2009 documents where only Ka Eduardo and attorney Lazaro were the signatories.



incdefenders.org If only  Ka Eduardo has been true to his words when he swore in as deputy Executive Minister and successor of Ka Erdy in 1994, the Church today should have not been the object of ridicule. These were his exact words before the members of the General Council who voted for him in 1994: “With the help of the prayers of the Council and the Church as a whole, I shall be able to succeed in performing the duties reposed upon me.” He likewise added that, “I am one with the Church in praying that succession be made unnecessary and instead the Executive Minister be with the Church until the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Brethren, we hope and pray that this revelation will help open the mind and heart of every faithful member to take part in resolving the current dilemma in our Church’s leadership.


The Church deserves to have a leader who is honest and sincere in caring for us and is faithful in upholding God’s laws and decrees. But the question now is,

  1. is it the holding of an electoral process that would resolve the legitimacy issue in the present leadership?
  2. Or could it be that there exist other directives from Ka Erdy which once disclosed would put an end to these long years of dilemma in  the Church?



While waiting for God’s appointed time to end all these miseries let us beg and pray to our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ to help and keep us strong in the face of all these adversities.


NOTE: This is not a gossip or defamation but only to expose the truth deserved by the whole Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

We have proof and  legal documents to follow.   WATCH OUT FOR OUR NEXT ARTICLES.


Minister of the Gospel

January 9, 2016

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