Beloved Brethren,

Peace, harmony and one sacred aim have been the very essence of our efforts and sacrifices as defenders for a period of time.  I chose to keep quiet for the sake of this peace and for the cause. No one compelled us to be a part of this, but we all believe that we are here because of love, faith and a whole-hearted decision to stand for the truth when we began to realize what was going on inside the Church.  We are absolutely not here to fight against the Church, but to defend and make a stance for the truth.  We are being persecuted but we are not going to turn our back from the words that we received from our Lord God.

I believe the reason we are here and were chosen to defend the truth is because of our love for the Church and our God.  I consider it a great blessing to be a part of this endeavor of helping the brethren who are being oppressed, expelled, and are continuously harassed by the unethical Ministers.  Only God knows the reason I am in this undertaking for He is the only One who knows the content of our hearts.  As I have always said to everyone, I am nothing but a humble servant of God.  The most significant thing in this task is, we are able to look after and strengthen the faith of the brethren especially during the time of our gatherings.  However, it is so sad that there are people who are sowing divisions among the defenders, and have adversely affected our sacred work. But we also consider the fact that most of those whom they have led to believe do not have the right information and complete understanding on what is really happening. They are presently overwhelmed by the pain, confusion, and anger they feel because of what they read, courtesy of those who have their own personal agenda.

The condemnation they have cast on me has brought me distress but then again I tried to endure all of these to spare the true defenders from further pain. I am not righteous. I am just like everyone else who makes mistakes.  But because of our sacred work, we try to do our best for the sake of the brethren who took the stance for the glory of God and not of anyone.

Many defenders wrote and told me their desire to post their views or opinions for they are likewise hurt by all the fabricated stories and bashing done against me and the rest of the defenders who yearned for the truth.  But they are frightened that they too might be bullied on the social media.

I believe that in the coming days, you can expect more character assassinations from the other group against me after I answered their allegations. But I will remain truthful that this fight is not about who Bob Caleb Allison (Bernard Garcia) is. This is not about popularity, not a question on who is righteous and who is not or who started it all? We are here because of what God wants us to do which is to firmly defend the truth or the true teachings we received from the true Iglesia Ni Cristo, from the moment we were baptized and received the seal of the Holy Spirit, the very proof that we are the children of God. That is how God will judge us all.

I was moved and encouraged to write this blog to answer all the allegations against me, for the benefit of the brethren seeking for answers and transparency in the midst of this battle for the truth. I intend to answer all your queries concerning what you have read against me. I will not be surprised if they will call these brethren one after another to discredit me and the Ministers who are with us, and to persuade them to join their group.

Our goal is to eliminate any confusion and division between defenders, and stop all character assassinations which damages our sacred cause. May this give enlightenment to the brethren who were cleverly misled by those who have a different objective or agenda. But let us pray for them that they may have a change of heart, so as not to work for their personal agenda but for the true restoration of the Church.

Here is my testimony; it is not to malign anyone but only to tell the truth supported by evidences.


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