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Despite our unceasing effort to expose the corruptions and wickedness of the evil ministers, this perennial problem has continued and even worsen. The Church administration has failed our expectation that it would solve this problem. Thus, we have been overjoyed when many brethren started to find and make ways to open the awareness of many more members for them to see the true, sad, and deplorable state of the Church due to corruption and wickedness of many ministers. Unfortunately, there are some who pretended to be defenders and took advantage of the true defenders who were very eager to help. What is more appalling, is the disunity found among some groups of the so-called defenders who wanted autonomy or to be on their own. They know, and most of all God knows, that we have tried repeatedly to call for unity and to be organized to gain the much needed help of God, but it only fell on deaf ears. Thus, the work that has just begun to pick-up speed has suddenly lost its momentum. It has also caused confusion and demoralization to some defenders. Thank God for there are many more defenders like you and foremost are the ministers faithful to our cause who are more than willing to accomplish our sacred goal. We also believe that you are waiting for a concrete plan, not to harm or destroy the Church, but to restore it to its pristine condition.


Thus, we have decided to inform you that we will take the necessary steps even without the help of some groups that decided to separate and to be on their own, such as the groups of brothers Louie Cayabyab, Joy Yuson, and Lowell Menorca. We are not condemning them, instead, we pray that if their intention and means of accomplishing it is in accordance with God’s will, then may He grant them the success. But we need to be honest with you, that we can not wait any longer for the time that they will sincerely unite with our cause. However, when that happens, we shall wholeheartedly work with them.


We hope that you will understand and unite with what we want to accomplish. May our loving Father help us accomplish our plans for the welfare of the Church.


Your brother in the Lord,

Isaias T. Samson, Jr.

February 28, 2016

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